How Social Media Networking Technology Is Changing in 2013

Learning About The Different Social Media Trends For 2013
There are a number of new changes that have occurred on Facebook and Twitter over the last year. In fact, both social media sites are competing in order to become the best social media site in the world. Both social media networks have millions of users as well as millions of new users each month. The race to the finish line will be a tough one.

What Is Happening In The World of Facebook And Twitter?
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Will Wi-Fi Soon Be Available Literally Everywhere?

Wi-Fi has gone from something used mainly in business environments and through home routers to an expected public service. Nearly all homes with Internet have a Wi-Fi capable router. An increasing number of mobile devices can access the Internet through Wi-Fi. Many businesses and public locations like libraries or shopping malls are including free Wi-Fi access for customers. Average consumers now become annoyed if Wi-Fi is not available in a store or public location.

The technology that is used to deliver Wi-Fi service has dropped in price over the last few years. This is making it far Read the rest of this entry »

What Exactly Is “the Internet of Everything” Design Philosophy?

The internet of everything is a design philosophy that aims to change the future of communications. This concept refers to linking every physical object in the world to a virtual online network. The internet of everything aims to identify every physical object out there. The idea of tracking and identifying inanimate objects can be very complex especially on a global scale. To some extent, the internet of everything has already been in use such as for tracking packages across continents. However, imagine a world in which a computer can identify and show detailed information about all things Read the rest of this entry »

How Chrome Books Use Internet Apps to Replace a Regular Operating System

The demand for digital devices that can offer superior performance and portability has created a new generation of products that are able to offer a more streamlined and versatile user experience. Chome books, unlike conventional laptops, have done away with the need for an on-board operating system, using Internet applications in order to provide users with access to the features and software options they are most interested in. Devices that have found ways to bypass the limitations of a more conventional operating system can provide users with more storage space and a higher level of performance as Read the rest of this entry »

Why There Are People that Still Use Dial Up Internet in 2013

For those who live in urban environments, it is probably unthinkable to them that there are still people in the year 2013 who still use dial up Internet. Land lines are also becoming things of the past, particularly among people who live in cities. However, there really are some parts of the country where dial up Internet is still used and appreciated, and that may not be changing anytime soon. Some rural residents have nothing else available unless they want to have their own satellite system installed, Read the rest of this entry »

The Number of People Accessing the Web via Mobile Devices Continues to Rise

Most people in today’s age have at least one mobile device that they use on a regular basis to browse the web. This can be anything from a smartphone to a tablet or anything in between. Regardless, the fact remains that the majority of Internet browsing done by people on a human basis is done on a mobile device.

This is a relatively new trend, as up until a few years ago, most Internet browsing was done through personal computers and laptops hard-wired to an Internet connection.I found some more information